2016 took many…


2016 took many.


What if I die here tonight.

On this sofa, curled up warm, fire on, Wales guidebook on the table, next to an unanswered handwritten letter, one mug, one plate, one mince pie gone from inside torn up Christmas paper. Shoes scattered, luggage ignored, phone with pending messages laying where it fell.


What if I die here tonight.

To be found in two days time, cold despite the room hot from electric flames, mince pies tasting of osmosis decay, letter still unanswered, Wales still unexplored, a phone with distress inside, new messages now unanswered.


What if I die here tonight.

What would I leave behind and what would i never get to do?


I’d never get to love more. And well, that would be the biggest shame of it all.


So…I’m not going to die tonight…well, I’m not you know…and neither are you. It’s just not our time yet. {Touches wood and hurls hope and gratitude towards the heavens} So, more love it is! More passion too! Let’s answer the handwritten letters, call and visit those friends and family and that divine lover, eat all the mince pies, drink from all the mugs and keep loving as much and as more as we possibly can.


Yes, 2016 sadly took many. Yet it did not take me, and it most certainly did not take you!


Happy New Year – 2017 Year of Passion xx

One thought on “2016 took many…

  1. The end of each year is always a time for reflection. Thank you for expressing this so well.

    I believe that we should live every day as if it is our last….sounds like a cliche, but events happen and eventually you realise that it is the only way to live. It doesn’t change the end of the story but makes the interim so much better. All my love xxx


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