Be Vulnerable, Be Love


It occurred to me recently that vulnerability is where the deep love is.

Go with me here…

Do you remember that feeling of being totally utterly vulnerable? That moment you allowed another to hear the hidden whispers of your heart and hoped to hell they liked what they saw, or at least slightly understood the rumblings. These vulnerable scary moments can occur on a small scale and on a frighteningly life changing scale.

And here’s the thing…in those moments of terror and vulnerability, we have a choice. We can choose to fall towards and into the vulnerable hole or run like hell to our comfortable donnas, bury our heads between the sweet soft pillows and wait eagerly til the moment has passed.

I would encourage you to fall in. Go towards the dark cess pool of fear and you will, if you look, see love.

In that split second before your sweaty palms open the front door to a potential new lover, you can hear love loitering. In that heartbreaking moment you say goodbye to a friend who has died, you will be smothered in deep profound love. In that nerve racking second when you hear the word redundant, you can paint a larger future full of new love.

When we retire from work, when we quit a job without another to go to, when we discover we’re pregnant, when we suddenly are no longer pregnant, when we sign the divorce papers, when we propose in a restaurant. When we swipe our eftpos card and hear the tone of rejection. When we have no idea in which direction to go. When there is no map.

In all of these moments, when our hands shake and our hearts rise up, these are the times to be love.

Being love enables us to connect with others inside the vulnerability. To look that lover in the eyes, both of you being fully seen by the other and therefore able to drink in more. And that is what will pull us through this crazy vulnerable life – having no map together.

So, go ahead and fall in. Jump in, dive in, swim through it. Be vulnerable: be love.

One thought on “Be Vulnerable, Be Love

  1. Hey Kerryn, I love this piece….is it a Freudian slip that you wrote, “…run like hell to your comfortable donnas…”, instead of “ like hell to your comfortable doonas…”??? I really hope you’re enjoying your week and can’t wait to hear about it.Mum xx


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